The Melting Pot : Scuola di Lingue e Centro Culturale a Catania

Corsi di lingue e attività culturali

Colui che non sa le lingue straniere, non sa nulla della propria. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Culture and language

When learning a second language, successful communication partly depends on an understanding of the culture that comes with it. An understanding of the customs, opinions, and lifestyles of people in a community, and facts about a country's history, economy, achievements  and so on, all form the background to understanding the culture which in turn explains a lot about what, how, and why people communicate in the way they do. It is also a natural part of the communication process that learners develop a curiosity about the culture of the people who use the language they are learning and wish to learn more about it.

(Extracted from the book "Intercultural Activities" OUP)

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